Welcome to the Winter Accountability Training Program!   Remember, safety first; good health and fun, second! Take personal responsibility to assure your safety. Start “low and slow” and listen to your body. If you have any doubts, discuss your program with your health care team.   We hope to have blog posts on topics that  [continue]

Winter Workouts, Both Wacky and Sane!

Have you noticed that some of our Warriors have wacky winter workout routines?   Here is Joann, who practices her paddling technique while fighting off the rubber duckies in her bathtub.   Sometimes she can be found outside in the snow, paddling up a storm! Brrrrrr. I’m glad she is wearing her PFD, though. Safety [continue]

Planning helps me overcome obstacles

In my regular life, I hate raised voices and avoid conflict. In workouts, I push myself so much harder when someone else is telling me what to do, although I’d still prefer if they aren’t yelling. If I go to the gym without a plan, I’m much more likely to call it a day as [continue]

Kathleen’s plan

Winter Training. Where to start after several months of eating way too many cookies and doing way too little exercise?   I love Janelle’s ladder plan for building abdominals and running distances, but I’m not there yet. I need to build up slowly, working at a manageable and consistent level and building up intensity as [continue]

Exercise Ladders

January 1 isn’t the only day to make changes for the better, but it does feel like a great day to set some new goals for the year. I got a new cookbook for Christmas and it’s inspired me to bake more bread—I have a feeling I might get some tasting volunteers on this team! [continue]