Who We Are


Some of us are receiving chemotherapy, radiation and other cancer-fighting strategies, while others have completed treatments, but are still working through the cancer experience. For others still, cancer is a distant memory. We are a diverse group committed to dragon boating as part of our self-care after cancer diagnosis.


New team members before their first race! (Beria, Molly, Krystal, Rosemary)

No matter where we are on the cancer journey or in our athletic ability, our rise to the physical challenges of dragon boat paddling makes us this team of thrivers. Each time we are on the water we are reminded that we are vital and alive, and we become aware of the rewards of teamwork and personal accomplishment.

Please join us on this adventure of wellness. Your Wellness Warriors teammates will support you in living the best life possible after cancer.




Our families celebrate our paddling!

Our floating support group welcomes all cancer survivors over the age of 18; our membership history ranges in age from 21 to 80+! All cancer histories welcome, all genders welcome, all strengths and abilities welcome – all are welcome! Meet some of our members on our Featured Warriors page.


To learn more about the All-Cancer Paddler (ACP) Division, check out the United States Dragon Boat Federation ACP webpage.


Non-discrimination policy:
Wellness Warriors is an inclusive program open to all cancer survivors. We do not discriminate against any person, population group, or organization. Wellness Warriors, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.



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We are the Wellness Warriors!
Our paddles strike the water in unison
Our boat glides through the river
Our bodies and spirits rise to the challenge


We are cancer survivors!
We are a unique floating support group
We laugh, we paddle hard
We celebrate each other, we heal



Celebrating our 10th Anniversary at the Boston Dragon Boat Festival. Our racers are posing behind an original Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Festival drum/paddle/banner from the 2003 women’s team.



Dragon boats carry
my fervent wishes for your
long life! Good health! Peace


– haiku by Erica Bernstein