Board of Directors
Barry A. Lipsett
Erica Bernstein (Chair)
Marianne Alroy
Peter Lew
Sandra Tise (Clerk)

Joann Lindenmayer 2018-2019
Kathleen Schnaidt 2019-2020

Marianne Alroy (Treasurer)
Erica Bernstein (Administrator)
Vartus Varadian (Assistant Treasurer)

Team Managers
Kim Deeney 2018-2019
Julianne Nevins 2019-2020

Laura Russell 2018-2019
Allison Cohn 2019-2020

Executive Committee
Makes the day-to-day decisions
for and on behalf of the team

Alice Bisbee
Allison Cohn
Joann Lindenmayer (Chair)
Julianne Nevins
Kathleen Schnaidt
Kim Deeney (Clerk)
Laura Russell
Marianne Alroy
Peter Lew

Coaching Staff
Peter Lew (Founder and Head Coach)
Chrissy Souder (Coach)
Matt Scotti (Coach)
Kevin Dong (Assistant Coach)

Safety Officer
Matt Scotti

Past Presidents
Sandra Tise 2009 – 2017
Erica Bernstein 2017-2018


Past Team Managers
Joan Pratt 2012-2017
Alice Bisbee 2017-2018


Past Captains

Paulette Cournoyer 2007-2008
Nancy Passavant and CJ Korisky 2008
Nancy Passavant and Joan Pratt (assistant) 2009-2011
Joan Pratt 2012-2017
Pam Moor 2017-2018



The Wellness Warriors is an all-volunteer organization. We rely on our members to help make our team possible. If you cannot paddle but would like to volunteer in some other way, please let us know. We have a number of other committees where we can use your help.


Please contact us at support@wellnesswarriorsboston.org.