Our Sponsors


Wellness Warriors relies on the generosity of both corporate sponsors and individuals to bring this vital program to cancer survivors in the Boston and surrounding area. We are proud of and grateful to our sponsors, donors, and volunteers who are working with us to achieve our goals.


Alternative Docking Sites

When circumstances require us to find temporary docking space, these organizations have saved us! Without them, our practice time would be severely curtailed.



Corporate Sponsors

We are especially grateful to our corporate sponsors for their contributions to our cancer support program.




BodyScapes Fitness


DoubleTree Hilton


Contributions of $500 or more have been gratefully received from the following:


Aranow, PeterHealy Family
Bisbee, John
Bisbee, SamKenney, Kathleen
Bronner Charitable Foundation at
The Boston Foundation
Lebedev Family
Burke FamilyLindsay, Anne
Deeney, KimberlyMiller, Jonathan
Edgerley Family FoundationNevins, Julianne
Gall, GailNg, Peter and Yoshie
Petrovic, Dejan

To Become a Listed Sponsor or Contributor

Sponsors and contributors are essential for our success. We need funds for team equipment, race fees, insurance costs, printing services, making banners and more.

To learn more about how you can become a listed sponsor or contributor, please contact us at support@wellnesswarriorsboston.org. You can also complete and submit our online sponsorship form.

Thank you for your support!


Our sponsors join us on Sponsor Appreciation Night for an evening of paddling and celebration. In 2018, we celebrated our sponsors with a colorful eye-dotting ceremony for our dragon boats; lion dancers from Wah Lum Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy enriched our festivities with their spectacular performance!