Articles on Dragon Boating and Cancer Survivor Teams
Below are some links that relate to cancer survivors and dragon boat paddling:


Dragons Of Hope: Boat Racing Improves Lives Of Breast Cancer Survivors Science Daily (2/9/2008)


Taming the Dragon


Studies with Breast Cancer Survivors
All articles are linked to the specific reference at the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Dragon Boat training exerts a positive effect on myocardial function in breast cancer survivors.


The Contribution of Dragon Boat Racing to Women’s Health and Breast Cancer Survivorship


Survivor dragon boating: a vehicle to reclaim and enhance life after treatment for breast cancer


In the eye of the dragon: women’s experience of breast cancer and the occupation of dragon boat racing


Psychosocial experiences of breast cancer survivors involved in a dragon boat program: exploring links to positive psychological growth.


Abreast in a boat—a race against breast cancer (full article)


Moving the boat from Charlestown to Fort Point 2017