Kelly DowningAfter fighting breast cancer and becoming a survivor, the next step was getting my strength back. I attended a survivors conference in Boston, where I found the Wellness Warriors Team.


As I made time to attend practice on the Charles River, I was excited to meet the people I would be exercising with and learning a new sport. I was still going through surgeries for reconstruction and building up my confidence in my new normal.


These teammates were instant friends. The laughs flowed so naturally, that we powered that dragon boat on strength and encouragement from each other. I loved being on the peaceful water, having a goal, and seeing the beautiful sunsets. Reality of Cancer was gone and other goals were in sight.


I can’t just say that the team are friends, but also a support system for emotions that happen during and after cancer treatments. I could cry, smile, relax and be encouraged to push my limit with all of them. The team represented all of us supporting each other, exercising and enjoying all this new sport had to offer.This team gave me more than my strength physically, it gave me emotional support that keeps going until the finish.