It was raining- no let me rephrase that- it was pouring so hard that we couldn’t see beyond the front of the boat! And I laughed, dripping with happiness because I found a crazy group of cancer survivors that were willing to try anything! I’m not sure I was addicted to dragon boating my first [continue]


My first glimpse of this team came on a low day, outside a lymphedema lecture. I arrived with legs throbbing, my body and spirit weakened from surgical complications. High grade uterine cancer had taken my energy, my career and my confidence. In the lobby stood a scenic poster of the sunny Charles River; it featured [continue]


Let me first start by saying… Hi. My name is Rhonda…and I am a newbie. I am a newbie to Wellness Warriors… I am a newbie to any kind of sport let alone a water sport. AND a newbie to Boston.   In fact, it was just over 2 years ago that my husband Tim [continue]


I became involved with the Wellness Warriors when it was still a fledgling organization. It has been a remarkable experience to watch the Wellness Warriors evolve into the amazing entity it is today.   I was recovering from the cumulative effects of chemotherapy and multiple surgeries when I had the good fortune to meet Erica [continue]


Fear is the enemy of hope. I had just started my treatments for stage 4 neck and throat cancer. My friend from work named Sandy Tise happened to be a cancer survivor. She handed me a photo book and said, “These are photos of our dragon boat team called the Wellness Warriors”. As I looked [continue]

Peggy and Natalie

Fifteen years ago I joined the Wellness Warriors Team with my daughter after my 1st cancer surgery. Like so many I have had relocating cancer, surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and clinical drug trials. But through all this I feel grateful for many things, my faith, family, friends and my united Wellness Warriors.   The Wellness Warrior [continue]


“You are strong” has replaced “you have cancer” in my internal dialogues, thanks to Wellness Warriors.   I was very hesitant about joining the team. I sort of tiptoed in and hid in the back, half turned to the door in case I needed to escape. What I found was an overwhelmingly welcoming atmosphere – [continue]


I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in 2013 with new growth noted in 2015. At that time, I began searching out complementary treatments as my options were limited. I saw a flyer for the Wellness Warriors at a local wellness center where I had taken a workshop and was intrigued as I had [continue]