I joined Wellness Warriors in May 2023. Who would have known that my cancer in 2000 would be my ticket to this amazing team of cancer survivor athletes? I’d always wanted to do dragon boat paddling but felt it was just a fantasy. My first time in a boat was both thrilling and terrifying. It gave me a challenge that I went all in on. I’d never been on a sports team before this. Wellness Warriors welcomed me as one of them. I’d found another family. I’m inspired by the strength and spirit of my teammates who are at various stages of cancer recovery. I’ve met incredibly encouraging, giving and supportive people.


I’ve learned so much as a newbie. Practices were so challenging. And I just kept coming back for more. I got stronger with the support of my teammates. It is thrilling to paddle in unison, to power up and push to the finish line. I learned to face challenges, dig deep and be strong. I didn’t really understand the enormity of paddling at Nationals until much later.


I treasure my time sitting in the small boat knowing that my teammates all have the same mindset to paddle as one. We are stronger together. This was my best summer ever and I look forward to many more. I’m honored to be a Wellness Warrior.