I joined WW in 2008 to support my family member and to be part of a team of folks who were living with cancer like myself. Paddling is more than healthy exercise; it is about being a team player, sharing and enjoying the skyline and sunset over the Charles River, giving your all in the competitive races and learning that being first in your lane is more than ok. Most of all it is about courage and hope.


WW is a caring, supportive and healing organization. I have watched WW grow amazingly over these years not just in numbers, but in organization, volunteer leadership and playing a regional and national role in broadening dragon boat racing for all cancer survivors. WW has been a valued community to me that I can really count on. I have really enjoyed the many celebrations and the winter paddling training in warm places. But most of all I enjoyed the weekly practice and instruction by our coaches even when it rained. Being first in your lane is just enough to have a great day.