Winter Workouts, Both Wacky and Sane!

Have you noticed that some of our Warriors have wacky winter workout routines?


Here is Joann, who practices her paddling technique while fighting off the rubber duckies in her bathtub.

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Sometimes she can be found outside in the snow, paddling up a storm! Brrrrrr. I’m glad she is wearing her PFD, though. Safety first!

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And then there is Chris, who does his water bottle workouts with Mai Tais. (How’s that working for you, Chris? Spilled many?)

Chris’s Mai Tai “water bottle” workout


Now for the “sane” part. Those workouts are fun, but pick the training routine that is right for YOU! The important thing is that you feel safe and strong when you get back on the water in a few months.


Sign up for the winter training program, even if you won’t be joining the competitive boat this summer – it can be motivating to be part of a group when training on these cold days.


Contact your team mates Janelle ( or Kathleen ( who are organizing the winter training program if you have any questions.


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