“I don’t know how to express my appreciation for a wonderful season. The experience was the most uplifting, empowering and inspiring endeavor I have ever had. Thank you to everyone for helping me to reach a new level of self and living my life to its fullest.”
– Karen

“Dragon-boating was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. My husband joined me, drove us into Cambridge, paddled with us and helped me home afterward. It is not about beating out the competition. It’s just about doing it. I did it, and I treasure the memory of us paddling together after I’d thought all chances for that were past.”
– Samantha

“When my wife was diagnosed with cancer, we faced over a year of treatment from surgery through chemotherapy. Adjusting to our new lifestyle with cancer presented many challenges that I couldn’t have imagined a year earlier. Being relatively young, most of our friends, although shocked and supportive, could not easily understand what it was like to have our lives and dreams so radically changed. Being part of the Wellness Warriors allowed me to be around others who understood that struggle implicitly. I didn’t need to explain, something I found difficult enough to do over and again to friends, coworkers and family. Participating in the dragon boat team helped us to get through a very difficult time in our lives.”
– Tony

“The Wellness Warriors are an incredible gift. Not only have I rebuilt my strength and stamina, but I have shared the wonderful sport of dragon boating with people who know first-hand the challenges of cancer and who are courageous in every sense of the word. It is a wonderful feeling to come in off the water after practice or a race and to be able to say, “I did it!” To each of my fellow team members I am truly grateful. Our dragon-boat team has meant so much in my recovery from breast cancer.”
– Nancy

“Dragon-boat racing has been instrumental to my recovery from breast cancer. Participating in the festival races was a return to health, both physically and mentally. It’s most special to share this recovery experience with other people who completely understand how much it really means.”
– Naomi



Wellness Warriors 2016 Boston flower ceremonyWellness Warriors empty dragon boats and skylineWellness Warriors 2016 Burlington heading out to race