xercise and support groups are so important in the fight against cancer. The Wellness Warriors dragon boat team combines both in a way that is fun and exciting! We practice together from May through August on the Charles River in Cambridge, MA. Our strokes are coordinated like a choreographed dance as our paddles strike the water in unison. Our senses are tuned to the river, the weather and our surroundings. In ourselves, we acknowledge and congratulate our bodies and spirits for meeting the challenges of practice. And we cheer our teammates for their accomplishments, too. Man or woman, each of us has a common bond. We are cancer survivors and caregivers. We are a floating support group, and we are unique. We love to laugh, we love to paddle hard and we love being with each other.

Come awaken your own dragon and feel the power of pushing yourself in ways you never thought you could. The rewards are great, your whole being will celebrate, and the friendships you develop will touch you in ways that make each day easier.

The Pink Lady - Donated by Charles River Apparel

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